Got a Lego-loving future engineer in the house? Take their projects to the next level with Kinetic Creatures, a do-it-yourself kit unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Each product comes with 25 pieces of cardboard, which you and your kids can assemble (no tools or glue required!) to create an elephant, a rhino, or a giraffe. Best of all, your Kinetic Creature will actually be able to walk–either with a wire turn-handle or a mechanical Gear Kit, sold separately.

Kinetic Creatures are a collaboration between Lucas Ainsworth, an industrial designer, and Alyssa Hamel, a visual arts teacher. The pair hopes to encourage kids and adults alike to build things with their hands as well as their imaginations while using sustainable and recyclable materials. Support their up-and-coming business by buying an animal, ranging in price from $39.95-49.95. Your builder kids will thank you!


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— Susie Foresman