You get your kiddo a great gift, but they end up spending the entire afternoon inside the box that has now become a submarine, a pirate ship or a castle, (among the other infinite possibilities). Sound familiar? Play Modern is taking the basic playhouse and putting their own modern twist on this kid-favorite structure. Play Modern’s “cubas” are highly versatile boxes that you and your little one can put together and rearrange into highly original structures.

The ways to make each playhouse unique are endless. The outside “cubas” are made of high quality marine grade plywood so they’ll keep up with the weather, and won’t get sun-bleached like so many other non-durable plastic playhouses.

Some assembly required? We’ve heard that before, and spent three hours trying to find slot B for bolt C. Don’t worry, assembly is truly not an issue with Play Modern’s Modular Playhouses. Assembly is super easy, taking about fifteen minutes for one adult, (this doesn’t include handrails and other extras). No hardware is required with these “cubas” as they come ready to piece together like a super easy and fun puzzle.