They take your kids to school, to the movies, and to their fave indoor play space. Nope, we’re not talking about you mom. We’re talking about shoes. Whether your kiddos love their Uggs, New Balances, or Crocs, there’s nothing like a great pair of shoes to keep little feet warm and stylish.

While most of us tend to take a nice pair of shoes on our feet for granted, there are tons of kids out there who don’t have the luxury of a durable pair of shoes. This holiday season from November 23 – December 24, Nordstrom is giving away shoes to more than 8,100 children in communities around the country. These kids have been identified by the national non-profit Shoes That Fit as needing a new pair of shoes (each child will even get their feet measured to ensure that the shoes will fit them properly). Instead of worrying about shoes that don’t fit or are worn out, these children can now focus on more important things like learning and playing, all with a stylish new pair of kicks.

How It Works: We all know you’ll probably set foot in a Nordstrom’s at some point this holiday season so when you’re there shopping it up, check out the Nordstrom Holiday Giving Tree, which identifies children in your community that are in need of shoes. Purchase a tag for $20 and a child in your community will receive a pair of New Balance athletic shoes. Seriously, it’s that easy and will be the best $20 you ever spent.


Have you seen Nordstrom’s Giving Tree? Do you plan to donate? Let us know below!