It’s no surprise that this super cute idea sprang from the imaginative mind of a little girl playing around with some stickers and boxes because after all, kids do have the best ideas when it comes down to toys. Every parent has had that moment when their kids have more fun playing with the box the new toy came in than the actual toy itself. Luckily, this little girl’s parents are designers who specialize in package design and they recognized a great idea when they saw it. It’s pretty simple really. What do all kids universally love? Why, stickers and boxes, of course.

Janette and Greg have recently taken this aha moment and launched Box Play for Kids, modern eco-friendly stickers that wrap around everyday household items (cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons…) and turn them into adorable new toys. Talk about green! Now kids can use eco-friendly stickers to make toys out of things that would otherwise be tossed into the recycling pile. What a perfect opportunity to teach the little ones about recycling in a fun, hands-on kinda way.

And the best part, kids love it! Turning things like egg cartons and cereal boxes into car garages and record players will delight little imaginative minds and provide some much needed entertainment – hello rainy day activity!

Box Play for Kids