When was the last time you looked forward to getting the mail? Do you even remember the last time someone sent you a handwritten letter or a note? Maybe you do, but your kiddos probably don’t. There’s something oddly satisfying about getting a package or letter in the mail (that isn’t bills or junk). Give your little ones the same satisfaction of receiving their own custom packages designed, mailed, and addressed just for them. Amanda Schmidt struggled to find a “Of-The-Month” club that worked with her children’s interests and budget…so she created her own!

Schmidt makes her “Surprised Packages For Kids” completely customizable, meaning each box is unique and different. You can order a singular box for $12 or monthly subscription for $32 for three months or $60 for six months. Robots, dinosaurs, princess, animals, pirates–the options for your package are endless. Visit Amanda’s site to start customizing your custom gift today, and prepare to see your little ones light up with surprise when they receive their special package.