Looking for an ideal toy for your crafty kids who love playing with wooden blocks and LEGO’s? Say hello to Playme’s Woody Wonderland that combines both wooden and plastic pieces of all different shapes, sizes, and colors to inspire new and exciting creations constructed by your little ones.

Woody Wonderland comes with 25 pieces which allows for endless possibilities and is also just enough so the kids won’t get overwhelmed with too many parts.The unique shapes fuel creativity as the pieces go beyond the standard rectangles and squares to encourage your kids to explore their imaginations and create whatever shape they want. The kiddos can form anything from dolls to spaceships to race cars, which actually roll because of the round pieces.  Unlike most arts and crafts, this creative activity yields little mess and an easy clean up as all the pieces fit into an easy to store box!

Note: This is not for the wee ones three and younger as the connector pieces are a bit small.

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— Parham Barber