We know one thing for sure: if our kids had their way, playtime would never end. Now it doesn’t have to, thanks to the extraordinary designs of Barbara Butler’s Luxury Treehouse & Play Structures. Barbara’s whimsical outdoor spaces feature royal turrets, sliding trap doors, flying bridges, pirate ships, and more, bringing precious childhood fantasies to life and offering creative playtime where kids can just be kids.


A Bit About Barbara
As a self-proclaimed kid forever, Barbara Butler has dedicated her career to indulging kiddos and parents alike in creating awe-inspiring play spaces. A former outdoor living architect, Barbara was asked to create a unique play structure for singer Bobby McFerrin’s children, and her career took off from there. According to Barbara, designing and constructing these playhouses combines her love of the outdoors, art, construction, family, kids, and play! Talk about a dream career.

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Create Your Own Custom Design 
Barbara’s design process is as incorporative and imaginative as possible. She collaborates closely with families, who can request custom-designed structures, and she always pays close attention to the wish lists of both parents and their little ones. Barbara has built over 550 original designs for families who want a unique play space, but she also has several standard designs that kids everywhere adore.


Bonus: They’re Eco-Friendly
Maybe even more distinct than Barbara’s designs is her commitment to eco-friendly building. Barbara and her team use only natural materials, like second-growth redwood lumber from well-managed forests, and are super efficient with board usage, so there is very little waste. They even make their own Tung Oil wood stains, which contain no fungicides, biocides, or driers and are non-toxic when dry. Barbara and her team are proponents of careful, conscientious building as well, choosing to work with nature rather than knocking it down. Now that’s a product we can feel good about buying!


A play space from Barbara always includes tons of special details that will wow your little ones, from secret hiding places and escape doors to carvings and climbing opportunities. Barbara knows how stressful our kids’ lives can be, and she hopes to offer our littles a place to unwind, foster their imaginations, and be their playful little selves. After all, kids will be kids.

Check out Barbara Butler’s amazing creations online at barbarabutler.com.

What do you think your kids’ reaction would be if they saw these amazing structures in the backyard? 

— Claire Schillings

Photos courtesy of Barbara Butler