The gyms may be closed for now, but luckily, there are tons of inexpensive online options for getting in a great workout. We’ve rounded up our favorite online fitness programs which offer everything from postnatal workouts to dynamic yoga to cardio sculpts, all available at your fingertips. Keep reading to see them all. 

photo: Openfit


From live, instructor led classes to on-demand workouts, Openfit allows you to stream directly to your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop with structured, daily workouts to fit any lifestyle and fitness level. In-app features also include meal planning and tracking making it a one-stop shop for achieving fitness goals. Watch for upcoming monthly challenges geared toward busy moms. 

Good to know: Join by January 31st using code REDTRI for a 14-day free trial and 20% off the annual subscription! Join Now

Best for: Anyone


photo: Studio Bloom

Studio Bloom

Recommended by health professionals and moms, Studio Bloom and the Bloom Method is ideal for pregnant women and their post-natal recovery period. Safe and heart-thumping workouts are plentiful, including classes like Cardioprep, prenatal stretching, birth prep, CardioHIIT, CoreHab, CoreFIX and many more––all from the comfort of your own home. And they've recently added a Indoor Cycling Classes to really get you pumping!

Best for: Moms of any stage in life who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


photo: Stealth

Stealth Plankster Core Muscle Workout

Stealth is a clever product is that targets 29 muscle groups in 3-minutes, while playing video games! Download the free Stealth app onto your Smartphone (any size phone works). The app comes with two free games (Glider, a flying game, and Galaxy Adventure, a target-blasting space game) and you can upgrade to premium to get more games. We found the two free ones to suffice, since you're only doing it 3-minutes at a time, and any gravity-controlled game actually works. Once you've got your games on your device, place the phone in the recessed opening. Put yourself in the plank pose, either modified on your knees or in full plank, and hit play. Now use the Stealth to move up, down and side to side. Games last three minutes, can you? 

Find it here. $139


photo: YMCA

YMCA 360

This new, free, online community includes group exercise classes like Boot Camp, Barre, Yoga and low impact programs for seniors. The Y plans to release more exercise classes for adults as well as youth activities and classes throughout March and April. Most importantly, it’s free for everyone regardless if you have a Y membership.

Best for: All ages


photo: Pilates Anytime

Pilates Anytime

Choose from over 3,400 streaming Pilates videos at home or on the go. There are a variety of class types that you can search through depending on duration, level, equipment or anatomical focus. Choose from mat or reformer Pilates classes or barre.

Best for: People looking to strengthen and tone.

Good to Know: There's a 15-day free trial, then access to the app and website costs $18 per month.


Obé Fitness

What's cool about Obé is that they have both live and replay classes (over 4,000!) that are just 28 minutes long and are structured across three pillars: Define, Sweat and Flow. There's also the option to take a 10-minute Express class, which is especially great if you're short on time. In the Sweat category, you'll find dance classes, HIIT, cardio boxing and more. Define classes include pilates, barre and Flow classes are all about Yoga and stretch. There are three different levels of classes, depending on your fitness level and they even offer specific programs for people coming to Obé for various reasons.

Good to know: $27.99 per month, but you can get a free month-long trial by entering the code TINYBEANS during sign up. 

Best for: Everyone


photo: courtesy Glo


Glo is an online yoga, meditation, Pilates and fitness platform that features thousands of professionally-filmed on-demand classes, taught by world-class teachers as well as an interactive community for conversations about health and self-care. Each workout is filmed in an actual studio, and the vibe filters right into to your workout. Each time you log on you’ll be quizzed about your state of mind, and what you want out of the workout (Feeling calm? Feeling energized?). Workout range from five to 120 minutes, and with more than 3,800 videos, your choices are endless. There are options for everyone—beginners, runners and travelers are just a few (There are plenty of classes for expectant mothers and families, too.).

New in August 2020 is a brand-new live stream option—accessible via the website, as well as on iOS and tvOS devices—which allows members to join each other from around the globe and practice together on their favorite devices in real-time. The live stream will feature a weekly schedule of live classes that users can sign up for in advance—just like at the studio. Users will sign up in advance and receive the link to the class right before the class starts

Best For: all levels 



Lift for Life

Life for Life's 36-week program is perfect for both pre and post-natal moms. The three times a week, 30-minute workouts fit within every parent's busy schedule and cover lower, upper and full-body options. The instant download offers over 200 pages of content and a full glossary of exercise so you can exercise with confidence that even though you. may not have a trainer beside you, your workouts are on target.

Good to know: $69.99 for the entire program

Best for: Moms of any stage of life!


photo: Trainiac


Serious about your health and fitness goals? Trainiac offers online personal training from start to finish. Complete your intake, pick a trainer then get your own personal workout program designed by certified trainers. The online platform offers flexibility to meet your busy schedule, with the personal touch of a trainer who has your goals in mind.

Best for: People who are serious about getting fit and want one-on-one accountability and training.


photo: Peloton


Peloton has long since been known for its impressive stationary bike with accompanying on-demand videos that guarantee a great workout. Now the exercise company brings you outdoor, yoga, meditation, strength training, cycling, running and toning options via the Peloton App. Get the full live studio experience without leaving your home when you use the app on your television, phone or tablet.

Good to know: Snag a free 30-day trial membership. And no, you don't have to own the bike to participate!

Best For: People who love the feeling of a group workout but can't get to the gym and for those who crave high-intensity workouts alone, too.


photo: Studio SWEAT

Studio SWEAT onDemand

Get the workout you want, when you want it with Studio SWEAT onDemand. Access workouts on your computer, smart device, smart TV, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Google TV, Playstation, 4Roku, Xbox One and through the Studio Sweat onDemand app.

Best for: Guys and gals of any fitness level.


photo: Mindful Movement with Maggie

Mindful Movement with Maggie

When you join Mindful Movement with Maggie, you get much more than a workout. The platform's at-home 30-minute workouts require no equipment besides a yoga mat and focuses on low impact and body-positive exercises. Subscribers get weekly tutorials and newsletters, a playlist and access to a private Facebook group to connect with other users. Sample classes include Core work, Stretching and Mindful Movement for Kids. 

Best for: Both adults and kids


photo: V Shred

V Shred

V Shred's online fitness programs and customized diet plans are perfect for busy parents who don't know exactly where to start. Users can purchase individual video plans that include workouts for fat loss, toning and six-packs, in addition to a recipe guide and custom training and diet programs. If you join V Shred University, you'll also get a new diet and workout plan every month and access to nutrition and supplement tutorials.

Best For: Busy parents who want a holistic approach to fitness.


photo: Naturally Sassy

Naturally Sassy

Naturally Sassy's Ballet Blast, Monthly Workout and Stretching Programs are just what former dancers crave. Joining the online platform provides app access, diet guidelines, skill videos, new workouts each week and fresh monthly workouts. 

Best For: People who love dance and desire the lean lines of ballet dancers


Every Mother

Every Mother offers easy-to-follow workout routines, ideal for all stages of motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. It is the only program scientifically proven to resolve diastasis recti. Whether you are trying to keep active during pregnancy (Prepare), strengthen your core after childbirth (Reclaim) or it's been years since you've exercised (Surpass), this gentle program is as advertised: for every mother! You start with a simple self-diagnosis technique to determine which program is best for you and then proceed to do short sequences each day (typically 7 or 8 minutes) along with a 20-minute workout. The programs compliment and build on each other and don't require an advanced degree in PhyEd to understand.

Best For: Any mother, no matter the stage of motherhood.



If you like the camaraderie (and accountability) of group workouts but time or money make it tricky, FitOn is the app for you. While the app offers a ton of awesome on-demand workouts from world-class trainers, every day, there's also a unique feature that allows you to "join" a class at a specific time so you don't have any excuses! There's even a social component that allows you to interact with friends inside and outside class. But what we like the most is Maddy Curley's FitMama program which helps you get fit post-baby. You won't need any special equipment and since it's an app, you can download it right to your phone. 

Best for: People who like group fitness but can't get to the gym; moms looking to workout post-baby or even with the kids. Basically: anyone!!! 


photo: courtesy Bulldog Yoga

Bulldog Yoga

If you’d like to try yoga without the mediational mood music, the new online yoga classes from Bulldog yoga is the best bet. There’s a wide variety of classes, from hour-long to 20-minute “bulldog bites” that you can fit into any schedule or budget. How is it different from a traditional online yoga program? Each video features yogis from all walks of life at all different skill levels, and each one is accompanied by an energetic, heart-pumping playlist. Some of the online classes start as low as 40 cents a day!

Best For: People who want an energetic yoga workout.


photo: courtesy Barre3


A team of experts designed Barre3's signature moves to give students a strong and balanced body. Anyone can do Barre3—it’s a mix of yoga, pilates, cardio and weight training—and instructors encourage their students to adapt the moves to their own needs in order to develop body awareness. You can choose from over 300 different videos (new ones are added every week) that vary from 10 to 60-minutes, get real-time support from instructors, connect with wellness experts, and utilize their new goal planner—schedule workouts, set weekly goals and even set text reminders! There's also an app you can purchase your iPhone, making it easy to fit in a workout wherever you go. 

Best For: People who want to increase strength and balance.


photo: courtesy Physique 57

Physique 57

Physique 57 uses a method called Interval Overload—a combo of body resistance moves that target the abs, glutes, thighs, and arms. Each workout focuses on strength training, cardio, and restorative workouts, there’s minimal equipment needed for the 40+ online videos, and the intensity of the workouts mean quick results. There are 10, 15, 30-minute (or even longer) videos available so you can design your workout playlist to fit your needs and daily schedule. There are also two, four, eight and 12-week programs, and different themed programs like Best Beach Body, Two Weeks to Hard Core, Lost 10 in 10 and more. 

Best For: Body resistance training, all levels.


photo: courtesy Grokker


Grokker is a wellness social network. It’s designed for companies who want to encourage wellness among employees and individuals who want to e-meet other like-minded folks on the same journey. There are over 4,000 videos, 70 programs (Choose from popular fitness plans like HIIT, Pilates, fit and trim and more!) and over 130 trainers who guide users in healthy exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, and even sleeping habits. You can find family-friendly recipes, compete against other users and get support—like you’ve got your own virtual trainer.  Besides the app and platform, the service can be streamed via Comcast, and in December 2017, Grokker launched their new Amazon FireTV app.

Best For: Anyone who wants to make healthy living the norm.


photo: courtesy Daily Burn

Daily Burn

When you sign up for Daily Burn, you’ll be getting a cheering section in the supportive online community, as well as an impressive collection of workouts designed and taught by seven top-notch fitness gurus—24/7. Every morning you can catch a new workout via live stream (and it's available for the next 24 hours), or you can opt to try one of the numerous archived videos. There are 20-plus programs, including dance, high-intensity cardio, strength training and more. The service also offers personalized workout plans. Daily Burn is compatible with a range of devices and streaming services, including Apple TV, Roku, Android and iPad, which makes it easy to workout anytime, anywhere.

Best For: People who need a little extra motivation.



photo: Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful was created by professional ballerina and celebrity trainer Mary Helen Bowers. Opt to tone your bottom half, tighten up your abs and arms, or power your way through a full body workout. You have the option of streaming individual videos (nutcracker workout bundle, supermodel, Ballet Beautiful stretch bundle) or choosing the custom workout plan (unlimited access, two new videos a month, personalized workouts), which has a monthly fee. There’s even a pre-natal option for expectant mamas.

Good to know: Videos range from $9.99 to $49.99 for a bundle, or $39.99 per month for a subscription.

Best For: People looking to tone and sculpt.


photo: courtesy BodyLove Pilates

BodyLove Pilates

BodyLove Pilates was created by a pre-and post-natal pilates guru as she was going through her own pregnancy. The workouts are tailored to various stages of pregnancy, and the services have specialized workouts for different needs: what muscles you want to target, any pain you may be feeling, how much time you have, and more. For $25 a month, members get access to a rapidly growing library of 200+ workouts, a step-by-step catalog of Pilates mat exercises (over 100!), detailed anatomical info on what happens in the pre-and post-natal stages, the Postnatal After Birth Training Program and a blog filled with handy tips to get you through each trimester.

Best For: Pre-and post-natal fitness. 


Booya Fitness

There are so many offerings from Booya Fitness, the chances you’ll get bored are slim. There are over 100 boutique classes, different workout plans (clean eating challenge, busy mom workout plan, post-baby bounce back and more), and a blog with tons of healthy living tips. You’ll even get reminder emails to keep you motivated and on the right track.  

Good to know: You can opt for a monthly subscription or unlock individual plans for $2.99 each. 

Best For: All levels and fitness interests.


photo: courtesy Franklin's iBody Fit

iBodyFit by Franklin

iBodyFit is ideal for people who need a little structure in their workout. Designed by fitness guru Franklin Antoian, there are three basic options: Fat Burner Plan, Bundle Plan, and Premium Plan. Each one is designed by Franklin, has different fitness goals, and requires just basic equipment. A new addition to the personal trainer programs means that members can now Skype with trainers, nutritionists and even set up a Q&A with a personal trainer. 

Best For: People who want an organized workout plan.


photo: courtesy Beachbody on Demand

Beachbody on Demand

Beachbody's on-demand services mean you'll have access to your workouts every day, all day. There are all kinds of different types of workouts, from PiYo to the brand-new 80-day obsession, clean week and even kids & family. You'll have streaming access to over 600 different videos, and you'll use the programs healthy-eating plan offered with your membership. Simply download the app to any number of tech devices: iPad, iPhone, Roku or Amazon Fire. 

Best For: People who are interested in meal planning as well as workouts.


—Gabby Cullen, Amber Guetebier & Karly Wood



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