What’s better than an ordinary candy bar? One that’s also technically a cookie! Oreo Halloween candy is a thing and you’ll be the most popular house on the block when you load up those plastic buckets with this spooktacular treat.

Oreo Chocolate Candy bars aren’t exactly brand new: they have been on store shelves since 2016. But this year, you can get your hands on the Fun-Size variety for the first time, as Oreo rolls out its mini version of this chocolatey treat for Halloween.

Photo: Courtesy of Oreo

You can score these treats in three different options: a bagful of snack-sized bars with Halloween-themed wrappers, perfect for classroom parties and trick-or-treaters, individual bars, and a non-Halloween themed bag of fun size bars because why stop the party once the trick-or-treating is over?

You can find these new treats now alongside other Oreo treats, like the limited-edition orange creme Halloween Oreo cookies, in grocery stores across the country.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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