photo: Pixabay

Earlier this year, Oreo called on fans to dream up the best new flavor for their famous cookies with the My Oreo Creation Contest. The results are in and three winners have been chosen to actually grace the shelves of a supermarket near you.

After receiving hundreds of thousands of submissions from Oreo fans everywhere, the company has narrowed down the search for the next great flavor to three amazing selections. And the winners are…drum roll, please: Cherry Cola Oreos, Kettlecorn Oreos and Pina Colada Oreo Thins. While all three have been selected as top contenders and will roll out in stores in May 2018, they haven’t officially joined the Oreo line-up yet.

Instead, the three flavors will be sold for a limited time and fans will vote next summer on which flavor they like best. The top choice will be selected to become an official Oreo flavor.

What do you think of these Oreo flavors? Share which flavor you’d vote for in the comments below.