Sometimes the only moment of peace and relaxation in a parent’s life is the brief time we get to enjoy a cookie or two––unless it’s interrupted. Luckily for us, OREO wants to give parents back their much-needed treat time.

OREO is launching the OREO THINS Protection Program so that parents can be inspired to get creative and hide their goodies. They’ve paired up with Green Giant, Ford, Hanes and Better Homes & Gardens on a special collection only a parent can love.

The specially designed camouflaged packs mean you can hide your cookie stash out in the open. Each one resembles a common household item or product like a drivers manual, cookbook and more.

The genius packs won’t be available to shop in store but OREO THINS is giving fans the chance to win them! Share your sneaky efforts on how you hide your treats on OREO’s social channels starting today, Wed. Jul. 14 for a chance to win the camo packs and a grand prize of $25,000!

Use your personal Twitter or Instagram account to enter between now and Jul. 23. Official rules can be found here.

––Karly Wood

All photos: Courtesy of OREO



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