Don’t like to get your hands dirty whilst enjoying your dessert? Now you don’t have to with the Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set, which allows you to go completely crumb-less without getting milk all over your dainty little fingers.

So what exactly is the Oreo Dunking Set? The set, which retails for $17.98 at Walmart, includes a stack of 13 Oreos, two mugs, two “cookie cages,” two pairs of cookie tongs and two napkins.

Photo: Walmart

Yep, the kit basically contains everything you’ll need to neatly dunk your Oreos. Just attach the cookie cages to the side of your mug to get started. And if you’re wondering just what a “cookie cage” actually is, it’s really just a far more intimidating term for “plastic cookie holster.”

After stacking your Oreos in their cage, grab the tongs, pick up a cookie and dunk away. And just in case you drip a drop or two, you’ll always have the napkins (which are provided) to clean up with.

It’s the perfect gift for the cookie-loving neat-freak in your life. You can snag your own OREO Dunk Kit at Walmart now.

—Erica Loop & Karly Wood



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