For creative thinkers and tinkerers everywhere, there’s a brand new way to learn coding and make beautiful music at the same time. Osmo, the award-winning platform that combines hands-on, tactile learning with technology, has created Osmo Coding Jam. It is the first way to learn coding by creating music.

What It Is

Essentially it’s a kit that comes with the game (downloaded to your iPad) and physical blocks. You use the Osmo base (available here, $19) and the game pieces each hold a code. That code, when connected to another piece (which is magnetized) will create sounds on the game. By connecting pieces kids will learn to master and mix music through hands-on coding.

How It Works

Once you’ve got the game on your device and placed in the Osmo base, the space between your child and the screen becomes the playspace. It can be a table, a countertop or any flat surface. Your child can choose a character to on the app (all are based on non-scary monsters and you can customize your character) and the blocks are responsive to the app. Each block has a code on it and when placed together, they create commands/sounds/layers. The character will be on “stage” as your child creates their symphony.

What You Can Do


  • Create music with code: Each physical block triggers an on-screen sound; snap blocks together to create Jams
  • Make it more complex by storing code and repeating patterns by building with the blocks
  • Add chord progression
  • Layer your music: create one track with one instrument, and layer it onto another
  • Listen and learn: Get a daily feed of Jams made by other kids and get inspired to use advanced coding concepts

It’s simple enough for a 4-year-old but can become more complex as the child learns, so it is suitable for children up to age 10. Retail price: $59.

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