Matt and I are gearing up for a road trip for the Fourth of July weekend with our two little ones in tow — I’ll, for sure, post about that sweaty car ride later. Oh, fun! (Catch the sarcasm?) With temperatures this summer reaching all-time highs, I’ve been in search of some items to keep us fresh and comfortable through this holiday weekend. Here are a few of my favorite things:

A cute, comfy dress– One exciting addition to Mila’s closet is her Unicorn dress from Paper Girl Collection. They are a unique company that creates wearable art featuring 100% original artwork inspired by nature, art, world cultures, and childhood fantasies. Where Paper Girl Collection really stands out is how each dress includes a secret pocket that holds a mini-book with a cute story to match the dress. Our daughter is excited to share its special story making it the #1 topic of conversation. The best part for me is she is comfortable while looking cool as a cucumber-unicorn.

An adorable infant romper-On the day we christened our 6-month-old, “Ants”,  The Anchor summer romper from Sammy & Nat was a life -saver! It wound up being over 85+ degrees out, and he was dressed in, what I’ve now dubbed the “baby suit.” The suit was on the heavier side, and he was well on his way to being a sweaty, crying, mess. I quickly changed him from his “baby suit” into this romper, and he was calm and collected as we continued celebrating the remainder of the day. The romper is made with Pima cotton from Peru—which is SO SOFT and breathable—it’s light and snaps at the top and bottom, so it’s very easy to slide him in and out.  He can maneuver and stay cool right along with his big sister, at the same time! It has become our go-to piece of clothing for him.  Love it!

Excellent shades– My husband and I are partial to our Ray-bans, but for Mila, Zenni Optical has a line of kids frames that are super sturdy with beautiful patterns! We’ve bought other brands of sunglasses, and they are usually cheaply made and don’t fit her little head right. And mostly, she just didn’t want to wear them. Not with these bad boys, they fit perfectly, and Mila just loves her multi-colored horn-rimmed Cat-eye-st‌yle sunnies! She puts them on, and *poof* she becomes Naomi Campbell (in her mind). Mila throws on her shades while she rides backseat shotgun in the car, and while she strolls through Fairyland, mingling at the merry-go-round with her fellow pre-schoolers.  

All in all, I think that we are in good shape heading out on the road with these items (and more) packed. We want to hear some of your awesome summertime finds!