It was easy back in the day when you were single; just grab your bike or running shoes and head to the park. The entire process took around half an hour so you had plenty of free time. Now that you have a family, leisure time is scarce. That is why you have to plan outdoor activists together with your spouse as one family. Problems might occur if the wife doesn’t like playing softball or if the husband doesn’t fancy yoga in the park. Once you add the children’s wishes to the equation, it becomes clear that is hard to find a single activity that the entire family will enjoy. Admittedly, such outdoor activates can prove hard to discover, but once you do, the whole family will have fun for hours.

You’re it!

Traveling back to the days when you were a child, the game of tag was quite popular. Children still play this game but perhaps your kids still haven’t grasped the rules that well. The family outing into the park can serve as the perfect opportunity for them to learn this game that requires a lot of running. There is no way they will dislike it but just take care that no one gets too excited, falls down, and injures themselves (this goes for you too mum and dad).

Visit a Waterpark

Various theme parks have become the staple in family entertainment and for a good reason. They offer so much fun for the price of a family ticket that is much cheaper than an individual one. There are many different entertainment parks but the one that is guaranteed fun for the entire family is the waterpark. Its splash pads themed rides, and mile-high slides will keep the children smiling for hours. As far as the parents are concerned, a pool bar is the best place for one parent to enjoy himself or herself while the other one watches over the children. Hell, you could all go down the slide together, shouting your lungs out.

Air Toys

Another old-school form of entertainment is bubbles. They are one of the simplest toys ever created but they are so much fun. Bubbles can be blown at the local fair or even better, you can get some water and soap to make them at home. Over time you will learn to blow gigantic bubbles and even mold them into different shapes. The kids would want to have a go at creating soap bubbles, building their imagination as they go and having lots of fun just bursting them.

Once you grow tired of bubbles, you can move onto balloons that are even easier to blow. They are rather cheap especially if you bulk buy them, so no need to worry if one or two of them bursts. If you special elongated balloons, the whole family can use a hot summer night to learn how to make balloon animals in the garden.

Wheels of Fun

If you believe that spending time in nature should include a healthy aspect, then cycling is the ideal activity to increase the stamina and fitness of the entire family. Everyone can have their own bike and the opportunity to decorate it in the way they like. A pink bell, blue mudguards, or cool-looking cycling glasses can all become of the family’s cycling outfit. In fact, you can read more about the best biking gear at GearWeAre where you’ll find out which bicycle models to buy in the first place. There are numerous health benefits to cycling but the greatest gift is the ability to pedal together as a family. Whether you’ll ride along a river quay, the park or the countryside, the choice is entirely up to you (plural, as a family).

Jump to It

Most parents don’t allow their children to even get near a trampoline, let allow jump on one. However, if you buy your own trampoline and place it in the backyard, then it should be safe enough to jump on. After you set it up, first test it on your own (try not to over-enjoy. After all, you bought the trampoline for the kids.  

Kites for Everyone

Finally, there is one activity that doesn’t include any physical activity at all but is extremely calming and fun. In order to fly a kite all you need is colorful pieces of fabric, some string, and a windy spot. The whole family can participate as parents help children hold the line properly so the kite soars. Before you step onto the meadow to fly kite, you can spend family time making the kite. To top it all off, this is an activity that even the elderly can practice. Grandparents can fly kites with their grandchildren, which is an activity the Irish Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney wrote a poem about.

Every family can immensely benefit from spending time together and engaging in outdoor activities. The most important thing is that all members equally participate so the old borders of parent-child are effectively erased. Bonding with your loved-ones while flying a kite or riding a bike ensure that many pleasant memories are created which will last a lifetime.