Just because it’s a little chilly outside doesn’t mean you have to give up the fun and excitement of an outdoor birthday party. From a forest to a beach and even an entire circus tent, with a little bit of creativity, you can easily invite the outdoors inside. Flip through the gallery below to discover 11 awesome and outdoorsy themes perfect for a party, no matter what the season.

Movie Matinee

You don’t have to be outside or even wait till dark to host a movie-themed bash for your little star. Bring the theater inside and make it a matinee, instead. Invite mini-movie fans to come dressed up like it’s a premiere. Roll out a red carpet leading to the front door, and set up a photo-op spot where guests can show off their party look and pose for the parent paparazzi. Turn your living room into a VIP theater with bean bags and big fluffy pillows as seats. Set up a popcorn bar, and play some movie trivia games to get the party started. Check out more fun ideas on hosting an indoor movie party here.

photo: Kiki Sibert via Cupcake Wishes


What outdoor party ideas have you brought indoors? Share your own unforgettable shindigs in the comments.

— Shahrzad Warkentin