In the 3.5 hours of shut-eye you get nightly, do you dream of hiring a personalized sleep consultant for your restless baby? Now you can—with Owlet’s Dream Lab!

If your kiddo just won’t sleep through the night, Owlet has an answer. The company’s new Dream Lab is the personalized sleep technology you need right now.


This new platform starts with a multi-point assessment. You tell Owlet all about your baby and how/when they sleep. Dream Lab generates a comprehensive sleep report that helps you to better understand why your kiddo just can’t get their zzz’s. You’ll also get a customized plan, including instructions on sleep start times, naps and feedings, along with step-by-step videos.

To get started, and get your baby sleeping, visit Dream Lab’s website here.


—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Fujikama via Pixabay



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