There’s nothing like teaching your kids their ABCs…until you really start getting into some of that upper vocabulary where everything stops making sense. Dubbed as “the worst alphabet book ever“, P Is for Pterodactyl takes a classic childhood lesson and turns it completely on its head.

We’ve all been there. Your curious kiddo asks why knight is spelled with a “k” even though it makes the “n” sound. And you’re response is—hmm, just because. Well this book is jam-packed with all of those odd little facets of the English language that we sometimes just don’t get.

Photo: Amazon

Written by Philadelphia-based rapper Raj Haldar (a.k.a. Lushlife), along with Chris Carpenter and Maria Beddia (who illustrates the book), P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever is something every family should have on hand. Seriously.

The next time your little learner doesn’t believe that “gnat” doesn’t start with an “n” or can’t fathom how “aisle” could possibly begin with an “a”—or even why the word “czar” isn’t pronounced “ka-zar,” this book has you covered. Now, why these words are spelled the way they are is another story—but at least you can point to this book’s whimsical illustrations and tell your kids, “See! I told you.”

P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever is available on Amazon for $7.99.

—Erica Loop



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