photo: Pixabay

Preparing for a trip with small kids can be daunting. From the diapers and clothes, to toys and strollers, it can sometimes feel like your packing your entire house just to get away for a long weekend. But these simple packing hacks can help lighten your load.

Leave Something Behind
According to experts at Topdeck, a group travel company, after you’ve laid out everything you plan to bring, put half of it back because chances are you are bringing too much. That’s a little easier said than done when kids are in the mix and they really do manage to go through multiple outfits in a single day. It’s still helpful, however, to put just a few extras back before you start packing it in.

Vacuum Bags Are a Mom’s Best Friend
No matter how much you cut down, there’s always those last few items that just won’t fit. You can create a lot more space by flattening your clothes out with vacuum bags. With roll storage travel bags, you don’t even need a vacuum, you just stuff your items inside and roll up the bags to squeeze the air out.

Roll It Up
Speaking of rolling, if you’ve been packing your suitcases with stacks of folded clothes, you’ve been going about it all wrong according to Topdeck. The experts suggest rolling items to save space. It’s also helpful to tuck smaller rolled items, like socks, into shoes which are otherwise wasted space.

Go Miniature
Besides being adorable, travel-sized toiletries are great space savers. These days the options are endless on products you can find in mini sizes, so you’re sure to find everything you need for a short trip. For lengthy vacations, consider buying what you need when you get to your destination.

Bag It
James Asquith, world record holder for being the youngest person to travel to every country, swears by ziplock bags for organization. Combine similar items together in one bag, like charger cords and electronic accessories, that way things are easy to find, especially in carry-ons, without rummaging around.

What are your go-to packing hacks when you travel? Share your tips in the comments below.