Palmer Candy Company recently announced a voluntary recall of its Sea Salt Caramel Hearts. Yes, Valentine’s Day is still almost a month away, but if you happened to get a jump on your love bug holiday shopping or you’re just really into sea salt caramels (and who isn’t?), you need to read about this recall.

The recalled candy was sold at Bomgaards Supply Inc. Store in the Midwest states. The recall includes Sea Salt Caramel Hearts in the 12 oz tub with a UPC number of 77232-17091. The tubs also have a best by date of 12/21/18.

Before you start freaking out over the possibility that you (or your child) will get sick from eating the treats, this recall is due to a possible peanut contamination. In other words, it’s not a bacterial thing that could cause mass illnesses.

But if you, your child or anyone who might eat the caramels has a peanut allergy, you need to stop and drop the caramels right now. Palmer Candy team members noticed a peanut stuck to the outside of a Caramel Heart during the packing process. Even though there have been no reported reactions, illnesses or complaints, the company is voluntarily recalling all of the tubs, citing an abundance of caution as their reasoning.

If you have already purchased this product, return it immediately to the store where you bought it for a full refund.

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— Erica Loop