With COVID-19 keeping everyone indoors, expecting parents may find themselves at a loss for childbirth classes. In response to the challenge, Pampers has launched no-cost access to virtual Childbirth Education––and it’s available now!

The new series consists of nine classes led by two clinical childbirth experts. Each part features real-life expecting parents and covers in-depth info on the various stages of parenting.

photo: Courtesy of Pampers

Pampers Childbirth Education will consist of the following topics: Body Changes & Discomforts, Prenatal Health & Nutrition, Preparing for Labor & Birth, Labor & Birth Part One, Labor & Birth Part Two, Immediately After Birth, Feeding Your Baby, Bringing Baby Home and Postpartum Care.

With a goal of “caring for the healthy development of babies through their journey fro womb to world,” Pampers has developed its Childbirth Education series with accredited sources and will contain the most accurate and up to date information on childbirth.

The new program is available for registration beginning Mon., Apr. 13 at 1 p.m. ET at Pampers.com.

––Karly Wood



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