Your foodie fantasy is about to happen IRL. A mac and cheese bar at Panera is a real thing and it’s just as glorious as it sounds. As if mac and cheese isn’t tasty enough on its own, adding in your own special blend of fixin’s just makes it even better. Read on for all the delicious deets!

When Panera started serving bacon mac and cheese, its customers went kind of crazy—in a completely good way. And if heaping bacon on top of your mac and cheese wasn’t enough, customers now have a selection of premium toppings that includes bacon (of course), avocado or smoked pulled chicken.

You’ll be able to pick pick two premium toppings per order. You can also add your pick of basics—cilantro, onions, apple cider vinegar barbecue sauce and pico de gallo. Combined with the premium toppings, you get five choices in all.

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Even though this make-your-own mac and cheese would be amazing buffet style, it’s not sold at an actual “bar.” You’ll still have to order your combo choice from behind the counter or online.

Along with the make-your-own mac, you can get one of three new ready-picked options. These include Baja, barbecue chicken and (of course) bacon mac and cheese. Yum!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr



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