Your little one loves all things that go vroom. You love a product that’s easy to put together and promises hours of fun. Good news! We found a cool toy that combines all three. Paper Trax is a recyclable race track that was created by a dad looking for a fast and easy way to entertain his tot. Its brilliant design, clever use of materials and edutaining potential has us totally hooked. Read on for the details.

What It Is

Paper Trax is a paper-based, one-hundred percent recyclable race track that adheres to the wall and fits all standard matchbox cars. Simply open the box, fold the trax (instructions are provided on each piece), and create a speedway. There are countless configurations—think jumps, sharp drop-offs, and more—the removable adhesive Command 22 strips won’t damage your wall (avoid using on wallpaper), and since you can create a bonus track from the packaging, there’s absolutely no waste!

The Fine Print

Paper Trax is offered in two different packs. The standard pack comes with four 14-inch long trax and a bonus box trax. The super pack comes with 10 trax and a bonus box trax. There’s also a new two-pack corner trax pack. 

Available at, $24.91.

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— Gabby Cullen