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Dear Confessional,

Let’s face it, the highs and lows of parenting are inevitable. Oftentimes, we are tasked with on-the-spot decision-making that will surely test our character as a parent. Whether you choose to laugh during the awkward and unexpected moments or “stay in character” mid-lecture, there’s no wrong answer.

1. You’ve just spent so much time and effort in preparing a delicious family meal. When your kid sits down to eat it, however, he/she complains that it’s disgusting. After tasting it yourself, you realize that it’s really gross, but still edible. Do you…

A. make your kid eat it anyway because you don’t feel like preparing a new meal?

B. act shocked and disappointed, and then guilt your kid into eating it because your pride is too big?

C. agree that it stinks, make something else, or order a pizza?

D. None of the above.

2. Your kid gets ready for an important school event but the self-selected clothing/hairst‌yle is out of the norm and a bit laughable. Do you…

A. demand a wardrobe change, because there’s no way your kid is leaving the house like that?

B. give options to change elements of your kid’s unique st‌yle to avoid possible teasing?

C. say nothing and hope all goes well, because you don’t want to crush his/her individuality and spirit?

D. None of the above.

3. One last piece of your kid’s favorite treat remains in the pantry, and it’s been staring at you to eat it. Do you…

A. eat it and hope your kid doesn’t notice?

B. resist temptation and leave it because you know your kid will notice?

C. buy a new bunch of treats so that everyone’s happy?

D. None of the above.

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4. After an overly long discussion with your kid about a naughty behavior, he/she responds with mind-blowing rationale that stops you in your tracks. Do you…

A. admit that your kid won the argument?

B. disregard your kid’s valid point and continue lecturing because you’ve already invested too much effort?

C. acknowledge the clever point and quickly end your tirade with some kind of lesson?

D. None of the above.

5. You pass terribly foul gas around a group of strangers, and it’s obvious. Do you…

A. laugh and apologize?

B. stay silent and don’t make eye-contact?

C. blame it on your kid to avoid embarrassment?

D. None of the above.

6. Your friend cuddles your baby right after drinking milk, and you then notice the cottage cheese dribble down the back of her shirt… and she doesn’t know it’s there. Do you…

A. tell her and help clean it up?

B. pretend you didn’t notice?

C. apologize and leave as quickly as possible?

D. None of the above.

7. Your child said a curse word, and its as shocking as it is adorable out of that little mouth. Do you…

A. laugh?

B. lecture?

C. ignore?

D. None of the above.

8. You commit the inevitable parenting sin and quickly wipe your kid’s slimy nose with your bare hand, without an available tissue, baby wipe, or carpeted material to smear it on. Do you…

A. attempt to flick it?

B. hold it until you find a proper tissue?

C. wipe it on your clothes?

D. secretly wipe it on the back of your kid’s clothes?

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9. Your kid just called you out on being hypocritical in doing the opposite of what you lecture about. Do you…

A. admit your kid’s right and apologize?

B. explain that parents can do what they want?

C. stifle that good argument with a “don’t talk back” response?

D. None of the above.

10. Your kid unintentionally makes a loud and embarrassing comment about a stranger right in front of that person. Do you…

A. respond?

B. apologize?

C. ignore and look away quickly?

D. None of the above.

Enjoy, relate, and share—you may just be surprised how different your partner, family member, or friend may respond. Feel free to add your own pop quiz questions in the comments section below.

With Love,