Being a perfect parent is so unattainable. Being a mediocre parent is so much more like it! Check out these mediocre parenting hacks and release your inner underachiever.


Maybe not the safest method of transportation for your little guy, but totally fun and way more efficient than walking. Regardless, I am never showing this image to my husband.


Is it bad that my first thought was “Hmmm, I wonder what beer he is drinking?” My next thought was whether or not I had a rope long enough to stretch from the swings to the deck.


Who doesn’t love a coloring cage?


This is genius. The kids are content and this guy is getting a massage and a snooze. #Winning.


Stop touching the washing machine! The only person that gets to touch this is me…and believe me, it is no treat!


Because parenting a newborn will work you up an appetite…and because cake!


Bending over and picking your screaming child up off of the supermarket floor is over-rated. Enter plunger (also probably enter social services).



So much easier than the dreaded swaddle straight jacket!  Someone give this inventor a medal.


This guy combined his two favorite pastimes into one epic outdoor game where he can STILL drink beer and be sitting. Sir, I take my hat off to you.

Parenting is hard as hell, but these geniuses found a way to make it a bit easier.