Whether you’re walking the dog, loading up the dishwasher or just trying to find 10 minutes to yourself—perhaps barricaded in your bathroom from your kids—podcasts are totally a mom’s best friend.

Here are some of the best parenting podcasts for moms out there. Go ahead, fire up iTunes and hit subscribe like whoa.

The Longest Shortest Time

Calling itself “the parenting show for everyone,” journalist Hillary Frank shares “stories about the surprises and absurdities of raising other humans—and being raised by them.” Winner of the 2018 Webby Award for Best Kids & Family Podcast, each episode runs about 30 to 45 minutes in length and is super-approachable. Listen here on iTunes.

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

“Not-so-great-relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types.” Celeb mom Anna Faris gets real about the reality of parenting, relationships and more. Recent episodes include talking to real moms discussing co-parenting strategies with their exes to hosting fellow celebs to talk about parenting, marriage and more. Subscribe here via iTunes.

Big Little Choices

“Big Little Choices is a podcast that gives women an avenue to share stories of identity and motherhood.” Sri Bodanapu is your mom host of this judgment-free parenting podcast. Each episode features one mother’s story, her struggle with a particular familial situation, and how she came to a decision that worked for her family—regardless of whether it was the norm or not. Listen on iTunes here.

Your Parenting Mojo

In a nutshell, host Jen Lumanlan presents “research-based ideas  to help kids thrive” in each episode. A mom herself, Jen owns up to her own lack of parenting instincts, but, as she says herself, she makes “up for it with outstanding research skills.” Show topics like forest schools vs. regular schools, the 30-million word gap and growth mindsets for kids, there’s a lot to take in for nerdy, research-loving parents. Get it on iTunes here.



Hosted by Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase of Cool Mom Picks, this podcast offers a fast-paced, smart dive into the parenting topics and trends du jour.  Look for episodes like “How to be a bare minimum parent” and “A professional organizer’s top back-to-school organizational tips for the real world.” Liz and Kristen offer a ton of practical, actionable tips for moms of all stripes. Listen on iTunes here.

Weekly Dose of BS

The Real Housewives of Dallas moms Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman—the B and S of the podcast’s title—co-host this fast and loose new podcast that gives fans just that little bit of extra to their popular Bravo TV show. Weekly Dose of BS covers a little bit of everything, centered on parenting, #momlife and more. Listen on iTunes here.



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