photo: Disney-Pixar

Everybody’s been talking about Wonder Woman being empowering for girls and women, but according to parents and fans on social media, the latest entry in Pixar’s Cars series is delivering an unexpected feminist message.

Topping the box office on its first weekend at over $53.6 million, Cars 3 got people talking about its lead character, Cruz Ramirez, a fierce and friendly female race car voiced by Cristela Alonzo. Without giving the plot away, we can tell you that Cruz proves to be a real star.

While Cruz was initially conceived of as male, director Brian Fee  said that being a parent to two daughters inspired him to create a more inclusive film, and viewers seem to be responding to the results.

Actress Lea Delaria, who voices the character of Miss Fritter in the film, seconds the conclusion that the film has a strong feminist message, telling HelloGiggles, “It’s fabulous that all these young girls are gonna see these strong female characters in this movie, winning.”

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