Once upon a time, the words “fight club” were pretty much only used in reference to the Brad Pitt movie of the same name. But that was waaaay back in the late ‘90s. Now those words have jumped off the screen and apparently into schools. Case in point, parents in Englewood, Colorado discovered their kids were involved in middle school fight club—yes, really.

Kids fighting in school is no laughing matter and it can be a chronic problem in some schools and districts. But these fights among middle school teens is something more than just a spontaneous skirmish among students—these are planned fights. What’s particularly concerning is that these “fight clubs” are stemming appear to stem for some students’ need for social media popularity.

Oh, and if you think “fight clubs” are just for those boisterous boys, you’d be wrong. The recent incident in Colorado stemmed from an attack on a seventh-grade girl. Unlike the movie Fight Club, in which both fighters were in on the action, this attack was reportedly one-sided. The video of the fight was posted, to social media, receiving an alarming number of views.

Parents, teachers, administrators and just about anyone who has anything to do with children and their education, now worry that popularizing “fight clubs” through social media will only lead to more incidents.

So what can you do to protect your child from the “fight club” mentality? The best thing parents can do is talk to their teens, especially about how to handle challenging feelings, interacting with others and using social media responsibly.

Have you heard about middle school fight clubs? What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Anna Kovalchuk via Pixabay 


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