Parents have spent more than their fair share of helping their children with homework the last year, and a new study proves that it can be a struggle.

SWNS recently shared the results of a survey conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Photomath, of 2,000 American parents with school-aged children to ascertain their math skills and approach to their kids homework. In an unsurprising twist, 56 percent of parents reported “feeling hopeless” while trying to help, and two-thirds admitting to turning to Google to help.

photo: SWNS

It’s not that parents are incapable of math homework. While 79 percent of parents surveyed can actually recall the things they learned in school, nearly the same amount stated it’s harder for them to solve their kid’s math homework (thank you, Common Core).

In a nutshell, parents feel comfortable with their math skills but less so when it comes to helping their kids. The survey found that kids ask their parents for homework help five times per week, but that fifty-four percent of parents will try to get out of helping!

photo: iStock

Jennifer Lee, Vice-President of Photomath shares “As a parent myself, I know these feelings well. We want our kids to succeed, but when difficult subjects like math come up, it’s not unusual for us to feel hesitation or even anxiety come homework time.”

So whether parents don’t remember math being quite so hard, or their kiddos are just learning it differently, they aren’t alone. The next time you’re stuck on that quadratic equation, head to Google (or Photomath) with pride.

––Karly Wood



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