If you’re wondering just how many parents order in for dinner, the answer is…a lot! Seriously. We’re all super-busy. Between carpool, soccer, art class, ballet, baseball, work—and everything else that life as a mama brings with it—cooking can sometimes seem impossible at the end of a long day. If that sounds kind of familiar, you aren’t alone.

Grubhub recently released some pretty interesting stats on ordering in—and we’ve got the info for you! According to Grubhub’s 2018 “Year in Food” report, 91 percent of families with children said that they have ordered in for their family in the past year.

Photo: Hal Gatewood via Unsplash

The overwhelming number of families ordering in should come as no surprise. Striving for that precious work-life balance can come at a cost—and sometimes that cost is a home-cooked meal seven nights a week. If ordering in means you get to spend time with your kiddos instead of in the kitchen, it’s totally worth it sometimes!

When it comes to Grubhub’s survey stats, 46 percent of parents who order in admitted they did so because “it was easier.” Yep. We totally agree. Of the moms surveyed, 44 percent order in because they don’t have time to cook while another 44 percent just didn’t have anything planned for dinner.

Dads had different reasons for ordering in than moms. Thirty-eight percent of dads surveyed said they ordered dinner in as a treat for the kids. Thirty-seven percent did so to spend more time with their fam. The reasons for ordering in weren’t the only differences between moms and dads. While only 22 percent of moms felt judged for ordering, surprisingly, 45 percent of dad felt that sense of negativity.

When it comes to saving money, moms were definitely more conscious of their spending than dads. Twenty-five percent of moms searched for budget-friendly restaurants to order from, while only 19 percent of dads did the same.

So what do these stats tell us? Mostly that they we all need at least 25 hours in a day—or at least few rad restaurants to order dinner from!

—Erica Loop



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