If you worry that your iPhone has turned your tot into a zombie, you’re not alone. A new study shows that many US parents worry about kids addicted to mobile devices.

Common Sense Media recently revealed the results of a survey it conducted on kids’ smartphone use. The survey of 4,201 adults, which included 1,024 parents with kids under 18, found that 47% of those surveyed were concerned that their kids are addicted to their mobile device. Half of all parents surveyed were at least somewhat worried that their kids’ mental health was affected by using a mobile device. Interestingly, only 32% believed that they were addicted themselves.

So what can be done to stop kids mobile device addiction? According to those surveyed, 89% believed that it was up to them as parents to intervene and minimize screen time. Common Sense Media is also trying to come up with ways to help parents and has partnered with the Center for Humane Technology to start a campaign called Truth About Tech that is trying to find solutions to the problem of tech addiction in kids.

“Parental concerns about technology addiction and the content children are exposed to on devices is very real, yet parents feel that they alone are responsible for managing these issues,” Common Sense Media CEO James P. Steyer told USA Today. “It would be nice if the tech companies would partner with parents in this effort.”

Do you worry that your kids are addicted to their screens? Share your thoughts in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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