Ever wonder what parents are adding to their baby registries or picking up at the store for their little ones? It may not be the typical items you think. It turns out, you actual can buy just about anything on the Internet these days. Here’s a look at what some zealous parents are purchasing.

The Daddle


Yes indeed, behold the daddy-saddle, aka The Daddle. My husband and I were actually gifted a Daddle when our older girls were tiny.  It sat in the closet for some time but we did take it out once or twice, probably after we had had a few drinks.

The Crumb Cap


In theory this is not a  bad product. My twins will rub anything and everything into their sparse blonde hair and then spend the rest of the day looking like unkept grease monkey. It’s still kind of odd though, like a baby feeding hazmat suit.

The Baby Yuga Tank


In most homes, this will be filled with a fraction of pee and a whole lot of trucks, bath toys and other random objects. No thank you.

The Baby Mop Onesie


This one is a bit intriguing since I’m up for anything that will help me keep the house clean. But then I realized my baby will be wearing dirt, dog hair, crumbs and other gunk on purpose.

The Temperature Ducky


You throw the ducky into the bath water and then pick it back up to see if the water is too warm. You just stuck your hand in the water to retrieve the ducky right? How about letting your hand be the gauge?

The Baby Bum Fan


I am guessing that the only people to have ever purchased this product are first-time parents. After your fifth diaper change as a parent, this type of thing goes right into the garbage.

The Pee-Pee TeePee


Cute name, bad product. Your baby boy’s privates do not need a tent over it in case he pees during a diaper change. Get over that fact that he will likely pee during changing and accept that human excrement is now your life.

The Grillz Pacifier


This work of art is called the “Billy Bob.” The last thing you want is to feel like I just gave birth to Lil’ Wayne.

The Babykeeper


Can you imagine rolling into a parent meeting or a parent teacher conference, unpacking this contraption and HANGING your human on the door? Just keep the kid strapped into the stroller like all of us other lazy parents do.

The Leash


I used to think that these human leashes were the most inhumane and degrading products a parent could buy. And then I had twins. I never got around to actually buying the leashes for them, but I thought about it at least ten times a day.