It’s happened to all of us––we had one too many glasses of wine or vodka martinis, only to wake up with a massive hangover. Before you trying limping through the next day with kids in tow, ravage your pantry because people everywhere are using Pedialyte for hangovers, and they swear by it.

Pedialyte has long been the go-to for parents with children suffering from the flu, food poisoning and a host of other illnesses that leave our little ones feeling sick. However, the brand has recently started appealing to us adults (“Great for Kids…And Great for Adults”) who may have tied on one too many, as you can see in the photo from the website below.

pedialyte for hanovers

The symptoms of a hangover (sour stomach, headache, body weakness, exhaustion) are often caused by dehydration as a result of consuming too much alcohol, which is a diuretic. The body begins to become dehydrated as a result of frequent urination because of all that drinking, and you feel pretty terrible the next day.

Consumers are turning to Pedialyte because it’s packed with electrolytes and the perfect balance of sugar (fewer than drinks like Gatorade) which helps hydrate the body and get you feeling better. The sooner you start replenishing your body with these necessary vitamins, minerals and fluids, the better you feel. Pedialyte even goes so far as to tell adults to “See the Lyte to feel better fast,” something we just can’t stop laughing about.

pedialyte for hangovers

While there is still no official cure for a hangover, aside from time and adequate rest, it appears Pedialyte is filling in a gap we’ve been suffering over for years. Don’t believe us? Just check their Twitter account where you’ll find more tweets from thankful adults who are bouncing back from a weekend of fun using the #NotJustForBabies hashtag than you can believe.

Obviously, we’re not doctors and you should always talk with your healthcare provider for all things medical related. And as always, drink responsibly and don’t forget to pick up a few extra bottles of Pedialyte on your next grocery run.

––Karly Wood

Photos Courtesy: Pedialyte and Pexels


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