Peppa Pig is such an influential show, it has even given American kids British accents. And now the show that highlights inclusivity with a cast full of foxes, elephants, pigs and more has just added a new character. Meet the new Peppa Pig character Mandy Mouse.

Mandy Mouse is the show’s first character that uses a wheelchair. Mandy made her debut on the official Peppa Pig Twitter feed. The tweet’s caption read, “Squeak! Giving the playgroup a brief glimpse of the newest member of their beloved show.”

The video in the post features Madam Gazelle introducing Mandy to the play class. Mandy arrives with her mom and the class welcomes her with a unanimous “Hello.” Twitter users were quick to comment, explaining how much the addition means to kids growing up with disabilities.

Jo Chopra McGowan, Co-founder, Latika Roy Foundation, an organization that supports families and kids with disabilities explained that the welcome that didn’t require much fanfare was the best possible way to introduce a character like Mandy. “They are already there and they don’t have to be introduced”, McGowan said. The fact that there wasn’t much drama about it reflects how kids with disabilities should be treated McGowan explained.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Peppa Pig via YouTube



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