What spells holidays better than cookies and the Radio City Rockettes? How about Pepperidge Farm.

For the first time ever Pepperidge Farm has teamed up with the Radio City Rockettes to create a new holiday cookie inspired by the iconic Christmas Spectacular. The new Toy Soldier cookie will have you kicking up your own feet with joy.

The new shortbread cookie features the shape of a toy soldier spiced with cinnamon and brown sugar. The cookie design is based on the Rockettes’ classic “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers” number.

The new cookie joins Pepperidge Farm’s collection of holiday cookies making their return for the season all dressed up in a winter wonderland-inspired package. The collection features traditional Pepperidge Farm cookies with a holiday twist, like the Chessmen with holiday images in place of chess pieces and the ever-popular Milano with a Candy Cane-flavored dark chocolate filling.

You can score the entire Pepperidge Farm Holiday Cookie collection, including the new Toy Solider cookie at grocery stores nationwide for a limited time.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of Pepperidge Farm



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