Mmm. Salted caramel. You’re totally into salted caramel ice cream sundaes and you can’t resist a good ol’ steamy salted caramel coffee drink. But now you can get your salted caramel fix in a…umm, in a Pepsi. A Pepsi? Yep. Check out the new drink that the soda giant is unveiling.

This isn’t exactly Pepsi’s first flavored version of the original. There’s cherry vanilla, vanilla, wild cherry and limon. But the salted caramel flavor is certainly an unexpected addition to the Pepsi flavor family.

If you’re wondering, “Why would I want a salty soda?” you don’t really have to worry. Of course, an ice-cold Pepsi is refreshing. Adding a salty side to that kind of destroys that idea. Right? Well, according to reports, this Pepsi isn’t truly salty. There’s a caramel flavor, but that’s about where the “salted caramel-ness” ends.

So when can you get this magical new dessert-like beverage? Pepsi will officially release the product for sale on November 6. That means, it will be completely available for your holiday celebration. Oh and you’ll have it in plenty of time to add to your turkey feast. Hey, we’re not saying to forget the pumpkin pie or anything. But Pepsi’s newest flavor might (that is might) complement your Thanksgiving meal.

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