We love anything that encourages our little ones to read, and this ingenious new book from Paper Hat Press is no exception. With Paper Hat Press’ newest release, Little Big Top, your kiddo becomes the center of the story. In fact, bedtime will never be the same!

Here’s how it works: visit the Paper Hat Press website to enter the information needed to personalize the book: your kid’s name, birthday, favorite food, hair color, and more. You’ll even get to choose between two customizable endings. The book will be at your doorstep in less than two weeks, ready for you and your little one to enjoy. The story features a big circus, complete with lions, elephants, horses, and the star of the show: your kid!

We think this book will be a family keepsake for years to come. Make sure to snag yours soon–Little Big Top is available for pre-orders starting August 20.

Paper Hat Press

— Susie Foresman