Put down the ballpoint pen, and step awaaaaay from the black Sharpie. We know teachers implore you to write your kid’s name on every single thing they carry across the classroom threshold, but we’re here to show you much savvier ways to keep track of their belongings — and none involve inscribing your child’s name on a tiny white tag at the bottom of a backpack. Check out our top picks of adorable school gear essentials that will never end up in the abyss of lost and found.

Custom Pencil Boxes

Say goodbye to custom options that give your little one only so much control. With these cool hand-painted pencil boxes, your child can be a part of the creative process from choosing the color of the box to picking out the specific design painted on.

Online: $9.50 at amandArt

What personalized school gear will your little one be rocking this Fall? Let us know in the comments below!