You’re out to eat and the kids are…umm, kind of buried in their tablets or on your phone. The ketchup is flowing, the chicken nuggets are scattered on the table and no one is eating. The kids are waaaaay too busy binge watching their favorite shows or playing a game to have anything to do with you. Hey, that’s okay — because you’re checking work emails, texting your BFF and seeing who’s doing what on Facebook. Whoa. Maybe all this tech use isn’t okay. Apparently, according to McDonald’s, it’s not. Check out what the company is doing to stop the device deluge.

Happy Meals, milkshakes and lockers. Lockers? McDonald’s Singapore stores are rocking a campaign called “Phone Off, Fun On.” Instead of texting around the table, you can put your phones into clear lockers that the fast food restaurant provides.

With all of the intrusions that come with technology use, it’s no wonder that parents in Singapore are kind of thrilled about this idea. Sure, you should give up your phone (temporarily, of course). But you’re getting something much better in return. Instead of missing the chance to hang with your kids, these lockers give parents the chance to send quality time together.

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