A haircut isn’t always easy, especially for a child who has autism. The sights, the sounds and sensations can make this seemingly everyday activity more than a challenge. And hypersensitivity to sound or touch can make a trip to the barber feel painful. Well, one Canadian barber is making a difference and helping a little boy with autism feel better about having his hair cut. In a photo that’s now gone viral, Franz Jakob is doing something that might not seem outright amazing. That is, unless you’re the boy in the pic (or his mother).

Wyatt Lafreniere was diagnosed with autism at age 2. He, like many people with autism, is extra-sensitive to sounds and touch. So when he needed to get his hair cut, his mother Fauve worried.

But, as it turns out, she didn’t need to. She found Franz Jakob, the owner of Authentischen Barbier in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. The barber with a mega-sized heart cuts the hair of all kinds of clients. This includes children with disabilities as well as patients who are terminally ill. Wanting to have enough time to help these clients, he schedules them at the end of the day. That way he isn’t rushed.

When it comes to Lafreniere’s appointments, he starts things out with a game or candy. And, of course, plenty of patience. In the now-viral photo, Jakob is shown on the ground cutting the little boy’s hair. Mom, Fauve, writes on Facebook (of the appointment), “By the way, do you have a barber who gives it that much?” It’s not likely that many do. But, it’s certain that more should!

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