It may have been the Queen’s birthday, but the royal kids stole the show. Totally. The royal family watched the Queen’s annual birthday parade with the all the seriousness and gravitas the occasion deserved. Oh wait, not the kids. The royal kiddos were acting…well, like kids. And not prim and proper royal littles. These kids were acting just like our tots typically do, proving that kids really will just be kids—apparently whether they have the word “Prince” in front of their name or not.

Remember the days when you had those whole-family summer vacations when your older cousin mercilessly teased you and your parents quickly tired of shushing the two of you? Well, that’s basically what happened last weekend during the Queen’s 92nd birthday celebration.

Prince George and his older cousin Savannah Philips, age 7, were acting like the kids they are during the parade. Instead of stoically standing and clapping, the cute kiddos did exactly what you’d expect them to.

As “God Save the Queen” played, young Savannah adorably pretended to conduct the music. But that’s not all. It seems that the little girl just wasn’t having it when four-year-old cousin Prince George was chattering away. In an ever so older cousin-ly style, Savannah promptly covered the prince’s mouth with her hand—and that hilarious gesture totally got everyone’s attention!

But what did Prince William think of all the shenanigans? Well, you can see for yourself.

Happy birthday, Queen Elizabeth. You’ve got some pretty hilarious great-grandkids.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Kensington Royal via Instagram


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