The recent one-sided feud between Piers Morgan and Daniel Craig took a rather surprising turn. Let’s back it up for a hot minute: earlier this week, Morgan tweeted out a picture of Craig wearing his baby daughter with this awful dad-shaming caption: “Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond” Oh Piers, you did not go there.

Thankfully, Twitter pretty much rallied almost immediately around Craig—who has not publicly weighed in on Morgan’s comments—and reiterated that there’s nothing emasculating about being a father who carries his kid, papoose or otherwise. Captain America actor Chris Evans summed it up best: “You really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to concern yourself with how another man carries his child.” PREACH.

So, here’s where the feud got…interesting.

British comedian Harry Hill was a guest on Good Morning Britain, where Morgan is a co-host with Susanna Reid. Hill decided to take the opportunity to respond to Morgan’s ridiculous tweet shaming actor Daniel Craig, and pretty much any and all dads who wear their babies in a carrier.

Slapping Morgan in the face with a shaving cream pie, Hill declared, “This is for all the guys that wear papooses. It’s for Ross Kemp and for Daniel Craig!” Bravo, Mr. Hill, bravo! While a pie in the face is certainly a satisfying way to deal with a troll, Hill was not the only one to make a response to Morgan’s ignorant comments.

Dads across the world, including many other celebrities, took to social media to share pictures of themselves carrying their own babies and denouncing Morgan’s idea that baby wearing is emasculating.

Craig has yet to comment on the entire fiasco, likely because he’s too busy being an awesome dad to waste his time on such nonsense.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Photo Your World via Flickr



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