Piglet is a dachshund-Chihuahua rescue who is helping to bring the ideas of kindness and inclusion to adults and children across the country!

The tiny pink puppy was born deaf and blind in a Georgia home along with 37 other puppies. After he was rescued, Connecticut veterinarian Melissa Shapiro gave the one-pound puppy what would become his forever home.

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Wishing all of Piglet’s friends a Peaceful Pink Piglity Goodnight! 😴💤 🌙 Who could have imagined the potential of this tiny pink baby? From the day we met Piglet, despite his limitations, he had an intense connection to everyone and everything he touched. It took a few months for him to gain control of his anxiety and settle into his routine with his dog and human family. But once things started to click, it was full speed ahead. When I tell people about my tiny pink puppy, many want to know what’s so special about him. They want to understand how so many that have never met him are so interested and in love with Piglet. Piglet is a tiny dog. He weighs less than 6 pounds. He has a gigantic presence even when he is sleeping wrapped in a blanket. Piglet faces his many challenges with a positive attitude. He has moments of frustration as would be expected, but he moves through them with perseverance and dignity. He is a very special little guy. Sealing the deal, Piglity is absolutely adorable and has a hysterical sense of humor. He is a natural smile maker! Visit pinkpigletpuppy.org to learn more. . Also, we have launched a new Piglet Mindset T-shirt Fundraiser. Bonfire Link is in Piglet’s bio. . . #pinkpigletpuppy #pigletmindset #growthmindset #growthmindsetclassroom #deafdogsrock #blinddogsrock #rescuedogsrock #weratedogs #doubledapple #rescuedogsofinstagram #positiveattitude

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If you think that’s Piglet’s happy ending—his story was just beginning. Even though Shapiro only wanted to foster the dog, she fell in love with little Piglet and just couldn’t let him go. Shapiro told People, “It was quite a decision to make. He is a lot of work and he is like a full-time job, taking care of a little disabled baby.” She went on to add, “But he’s so cute, and we couldn’t give him away at that point.”

While Piglet got off to a rocky start in his new home, he eventually adjusted (overcoming anxiety) and vaulted to near-celeb status on Instagram. With well over 100,000 followers, Piglet’s story caught the attention of a Plainville, Massachusetts third grade teacher. The teacher used the pink puppy as a model for a “positive growth mindset,” helping students to face challenges.

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We were excited to open an envelope filled with letters from our 2nd grade friends in Alabama. The children asked if Piglet is happy in his home. The answer- Absolutely! Despite being deaf and blind and tiny, Piglet is a happy little dog. He loves his home and his life. He loves his mom and dad and dog pack family, he loves going to work, he loves to travel, and he loves to visit classrooms to teach children about his Piglet Mindset. The children also asked why Piglet is deaf and blind. This is a complicated question with a complicated answer. Piglet was born in a hoarding situation. In his case, the people had three non-neutered dogs that bred to make more dogs, who bred to make more dogs, who bred to make even more dogs… and so it went that 3 dogs became 37 dogs in their small apartment. One of those 37 was Piglet. With an overpopulation of unwanted dogs, we should not be allowing dogs to breed in this way. Making matters worse, many of the dogs in Piglet’s situation were dapple color patterned. When two dapple colored dogs breed there is a 25% chance that the babies will be “double dapple” meaning that they receive a dominant dapple gene from each parent. Double dapple dogs are white or mostly white and many have congenital ear and eye defects which cause them to be deaf and or blind. Piglet has both- he is deaf and blind. Piglet’s original people did not intentionally breed two dapples. They were in over their heads and things got out of control. Thankfully a rescue group came in to help. Piglet is one of the lucky ones. Many dogs like Piglet are euthanized by breeders if rescue groups don’t come forward. Many end up in shelters or abandoned on the streets. Piglet’s Mission includes educating about the severe consequences of double dapple breeding, and encouraging people to adopt special needs pets. We have created educational PDFs and lesson plans for teachers to incorporate Piglet Mindset into their curriculum. Learn more about our Piglet Mindset Educational Outreach Program. Pinkpigletpuppy.org

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Shapiro told People, “She called it Piglet Mindset, and we corresponded throughout the year. At the end of the year, we surprised the kids. They thought we were going to FaceTime, and we walked in with Piggy in his stroller and three of my other dogs, and everyone was crying.”

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Piglet approves of his new Piglet Mindset t-shirts and sweatshirts! My bulk order is here in time for me to assure all of Piggy’s Instagram and Facebook friends that this is a must have! The design is sharp and looks great on all the available colors. The link to the online fundraiser is in Piglet’s bio. A special thanks to @veronicavoices for creating the original version of this design.😊😊💕💕 So far we have sold 178 shirts with a profit of $2391. All profits will be donated to special needs dog rescues and will also sponsor Piglet Mindset Outreach for teachers and their students. I’m hoping to sell 250 shirts. The sale ends Sept 2. Happy National Dog Day! . . . #pinkpigletpuppy #fundraiser #tshirtsale #specialneedsdog #disableddogs

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The classroom-puppy partnership led to Piglet Mindset Outreach, a program Shapiro created to teach children about facing challenges. Along with promoting the “Piglet Mindset,” the pink puppy also encourages pet owners to spay/neuter their cats and dogs, inspires other would-be pet parents to adopt special needs animals, facilitates outreach to teachers and students and fundraises for special needs dog rescues and nonprofits.

To learn more about Piglet and the Piglet Mindset Outreach program visit the pink puppy’s website here.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Pink Piglet Puppy via Instagram 



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