Pillsbury is going paleo—paleolithic that is! The delish dessert-maker recently announced the debut of a brand-new, dinosaur-themed ready-to-bake cookie dough.

The new DINO Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough is the first time Pillsbury has branched out into the prehistoric world. This means if your kiddos clamor for dino-everything, now you won’t have to buy pricey cookie cutters in their fave jurassic era-themed shapes.

photo courtesy of Pillsbury

With two precut shapes including Stegosaurus and Pterodactyl, these cookies are a blast from the past. That is, the prehistoric past. Not only do the cookies look like your fam’s fave dinos, the littles can decorate the plain sugar cookies and make a sweet Stegosaurus, a terrible Pterodactyl or their own creative creature!

These new cookies arrive in the refrigerated section of grocery retailers nationwide this month. Each pack includes 10 cut-out cookies and has a manufacturer’s suggested retailers price of two for $5.

—Erica Loop



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