Get ready for the perfect snack to pack on your next Pokémon GO outing. The new Pillsbury Pokémon cookies have just hit store shelves and we’ve gotta have ’em all!

These tasty new pre-cut, round cookies come in a 24-pack and feature a Poké ball (of course) and a silhouette of Pikachu that’ll have you gleefully exclaiming, “Pika! Pika!”

The box even comes with a built-in game of Elemental Hide-‘N’-Seek, a memory-style with element-themed tiles to help you master the elements and pass the time while you wait for your cookies to bake—because a Poké Master always plays to win.

The new Pokémon cookies, which join several other themed Pillsbury sugar cookies like Frozen, Marvel’s Avengers and Justice League, are reportedly available to purchase at Walmart locations across the country.

Better catch ’em all—before they’re gone.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Courtesy of Pillsbury



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