We love getting glimpses into the life of a celebrity and this week we were treated to a fun moment when Pink’s daughter Willow cut her dad’s hair. Apparently dad—former motocross racer Carey Hart—wanted a “fade haircut” but his daughter had another style in mind!

Hart posted an “after” photo on Instagram of Willow’s attempt at the haircut, and she doesn’t look sad about her major fail. In fact, that gleam in her eye tells us she’s pretty secure in her styling techniques!

Despite the haircut, Hart seems to find the moment humorous, and what parent wouldn’t? We all learn to find the silver lining, even with a bad haircut! In a subsequent photo, Carey seems to have ditched the remainder of his hair and has even taken to covering his head completely.

Not many men can pull off a pink swim cap, but Hart surprisingly can.

It’s no surprise that parents Pink and Hart gave Willow the go-ahead to cut dad’s hair. The couple is known for giving their kids the freedom to speak freely and confidently, like in Willow’s most recent makeup tutorial. One thing’s for sure––Hart is much braver than us when it comes to allowing a 6-year-old near a pair of hair clippers!

Would you let your daughter cut your hair? We’d love to see if you’re adventurous, so let us know in the comments below!

––Karly Wood

Featured photo: Pink via Instagram


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