We all know that kiddos pretty much adore getting into mom’s makeup. Pink posted her daughter’s first makeup tutorial on Instagram and it’s absolutely awwdorable. Pink isn’t just a superstar celeb. She’s a completely creative artist, a mama and someone who always seems to speak her mind (in the best way possible). And it looks like her daughter, 6-year-old Willow, is following in her footsteps.

The highspeed video features Willow going from a bare face to an awesomely imaginative makeup design in mere minutes (actually, less time than that). Yeah, your kids may enjoy smearing your lipstick on or coating their lids in an outrageously bold shadow. But Pink’s daughter takes things up a notch. And that probably has something to do with majorly impressive makeup kit that she has to work with.

Willow starts with a simple lipstick-covered mouth. Okay, again that’s pretty typical. But then she moves on to a futuristic type of style with shimmery blue under her eyes and over her lips. The sparkly, glittery, totally stylish look may not be ‘everyday’, but it’s certainly something that sets her apart from the crowd. Hmm. Kind of sounds like someone else. Oh yeah, her one-of-a-kind mama.

Has your child ever gotten super-creative with your makeup bag? Share your story with is in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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