Pink is a busy working mom. And just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean that she can’t make a mistake once in a while. Yeah, she’s kind of just like the rest of us. Or not. Okay, so Pink is like us — that is, when she mixed up her kiddo’s age. Hey, we’ve all been there. You know how old your child is. But you have a momentary lapse of reason and your brain tells your voice to say something other than the truth. Check out what happened to Pink when she mistakenly gave the wrong age number.

We all know that Pink is the mama to two little ones. While filming a trailer for an Apple Music documentary, Pink spoke about everything that’s involved in making an album. And no, it’s not as simple as it looks in the movies. Pink’s children were 6-years-old and 8-months-old at the time.

During the trailer, which she posted on Twitter, Pink says, “So it’s rehearsals and putting on shows, and then your 6-year-old has surf camp and your 8-year-old has a vaccination, and then your album is out.” Hmm. Sounds pretty accurate. Oh, except for the fact that Pink’s son Jameson isn’t 8-years-old, he was only 8 months at the time.

That’s okay, Pink. Whether it’s getting our kids’ ages wrong or calling them by the wrong names, we all make those memorable mama flubs, too.

Have you ever gotten your child’s age or name wrong? Share your mix-up in the comments below.