Pink is no stranger to social media trolling. The pop star, like many celebs, has gotten more than her fair share of “parenting advice” via Instagram.

Not one to sit back and take social media shaming, Pink recently posted a pic with a caption that says it all. The mama to two wrote, on IG, “Here’s a picture of my child running through water. It wasn’t even filtered. What a waste of water.”

The singer went on to add, “And no helmet? I hope she had sunscreen. If she slips and falls she may be traumatized for life.” Pink finished the post with a totally necessary jab at her working mom critics, “And her mother wasn’t even there. I was….. gasp…. working!!!! In another country!”

With nearly 350,000 likes, we’re pretty sure the sarcastic sentiment was very much appreciated!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Pink via Instagram 



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