If you and your family haven’t hopped on the podcast train yet (and if you have, this is for you too!), we’ve got a compelling reason why now’s the time. A brand-new audio service for kids found it’s way to our ears, and we just had to listen in. From award-winning Panoply Media comes Pinnaa digital library filled with creative and original programming, popular kid-faves, and a wealth of audio books—all together for the first time. Keep reading for the scoop.

What It Is

Finding the right audio programming for kids can be tough. It’s hard to know if something is age-appropriate for your kiddos, or if they’ll be bombarded by pop-up ads or if what’s reaching their ears is even worth a listen. Pinna is hoping to fill solve that problem by offering high-quality kid’s audio programming for ages 4-12—in a place all its own, and without any ads. 

“When a kid listens to audio, it’s a very different experience from watching TV or viewing something else on a screen,” said Emily Shapiro, Panoply’s Director of Children’s Programming. “Listening to stories allows children to use their imaginations to visualize what they’re hearing and think creatively. We designed Pinna to promote learning and engagement for children while providing peace of mind for parents.”

The Pinna app organizes all the content in one easy-to-navigate digital library. You can search podcasts of all kinds (adventure, mystery, science, history and more!) interactive game shows, and books based on what’s happening at any given time. Are you traveling? Are the kids playing? Doing chores? Getting ready for bed? It’s all there—all you have to do is select the category and the appropriate age group, and be on your way.  

It’s the new home of mega-hit The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel, a Peabody award-winning serialized mystery podcast for kids, and The Show About Science, hosted by seven-year-old science enthusiast Nate Butkus, among others. It’s also got a slew of brand-new shows just for subscribers: Season Isle, an adventure story set on a magical island; Remy’s Place, a musical show about a boy who lives above a famous music cafe, (look for original songs by Grammy-winner Norah Jones!); The Ghost of Jessica Majors, a supernatural thriller for your oldest listeners, about the ghost of a Victorian girl who reappears in modern-day Maine, and more.

Pinna also offers a good selection of e-books available for unlimited listening. Classics like Make Way for Ducklings, sci-fi greats such as Dinosaurs, and hilarious new favorites like Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. Divided into, yup, categories, kids can choose between classics, adventure, animals and inspiring and then, they can select the appropriate age category to get something that’s perfect for them.


Extra Credit

In several shows and “sound picture books” including our editor’s four-year-old son’s new favorite podcast Molly and the Sugar Monster, the voices heard are those of youth actors or hosts!

Also, many of the stories are recorded and produced using 360° Audio tech, which means your kids will have a 3D listening experience when played through headphones.

New episodes and shows are added weekly.

The Fine Print

The Pinna iOS app is currently available for $7.99/month or a discounted annual rate of $79.99. To download Pinna, visit the Apple App Store. For more information about the app and the podcast series, please visit pinna.fm.